“You probably get so many e-mails that you may not read this yourself, but I just had to let you know what happened after my reading.  You had given me a female with an “A” name, and the month’s of June and December.  My grandmother had been my “ambassador” during the reading, and her sister Ruth came through as well.  ANYWAY, I saw my cousin last night, Ruth’s daughter, and told her about the reading, and asked her about the female with the “A” name.  It ended up being my great grandmother, who’s name was Alma, born in June, and died in December, I was 5 when she died, so didn’t remember this.  So I believe that during the reading, I had 3 generations of women from my mom’s family coming through!  Thanks, I really enjoyed the reading, and made me feel not so alone to learn that I have so many loved ones around me!”

Tracy R. in Fort Wayne, IN