2018 Psychic Predictions

New Life Old Soul is pleased to announce the release of internationally known psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud’s 2018 psychic predictions. Releasing some of his most detailed predictions to date, Tristan prophesied the future for the United States governmental healthcare plan, military changes, and troubles with the Russian government.  He also tuned in to the legendary Cher.  For the first time ever, Tristan’s psychic predictions were released early in the December 2017 issue of the paranormal digital publication, Haunted Voices Magazine.  Lastly, Tristan has decided to take a potentially indefinite break from releasing future psychic predictions.  As such, these 2018 psychic predictions will be his last official releases unless stated otherwise.  He plans to revisit past psychic predictions from his archives periodically in future subsequent posts.

2018 Psychic Predictions

Predicted in the December 2017 issue of Haunted Voices Magazine

Officially posted January 9, 2018 on tristanrimbaud.com


The United States will experience a newly reformed governmental approach to healthcare in 2018 that will change policy for the healthcare industry.  The healthcare plan will be implemented sometime between June 2018 and April 2019 under the current administrative faculty.  The plan would ensue controversy based on its pay scale system, but further implementation will be set into motion by the government three months after the healthcare plan’s initial test phase.


Cher will experience difficulty acquiring property in California in 2018 due to restraints on her personal income.  She signs into a prolonged deal that ties up her financial abilities.  She is forced to renegotiate her property for a potential flip of her residence.


The United States Armed Forces will set into motion newly formatted regulatory requirements in 2018 for able-bodied service enrollment.  The newly implemented policies will eliminate options and downsize the current state of enrollment by at least 20%.


The United States will engage Russia in 2018 between June and August over a cyber attack.  They will replace intelligence personnel with known hackers who are able to decipher the ability of Russia’s operations.

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