Official LinkedIn Updates

Official LinkedIn Updates

New Life Old Soul is pleased to announce that psychic Tristan Rimbaud has decided to rebrand his official LinkedIn page.  With more than 600 connections, Tristan posts spiritual quotations, tour photos, and official website news updates regularly.  As Tristan is working on a new collection of original short stories and poetry for a future release, he has decided to rebrand his official LinkedIn page changing the name to his birth name, Christian Hirstein.  Inner Simplicity, his first book of short stories and poetry was released under such name in 1998.  Subsequently, his future book will also see a release under his birth name.  As such, all links to his official LinkedIn page have changed and can no longer be found by searching for Tristan Rimbaud.  Please update your bookmarks if you would like to connect with him on this social platform.  Lastly, as to not confuse clients with the name difference, links to his official LinkedIn page have been removed from his official website.  However, it is still active and will continue to be updated with spiritual quotations, future book news, and occasional photographs.

From the desk of Tristan Rimbaud:

“My office toyed around with the idea of rebranding the official LinkedIn page several years ago and found that it confused my clientele who were not with me back in 1998 for the release of my first book, Inner Simplicity.  However, as I am now much further along in finishing the first draft of my new short stories and poetry collection, I wanted one of my official social media pages to be dedicated to that aspect of my work as a writer.  As such, this name change for LinkedIn will be permanent.  We have created a custom banner advert for my first book, exclusive to the LinkedIn profile to make it more noticeable.  If you were already connected with me on LinkedIn, nothing has changed other than the branding.  You can still contact me privately via LinkedIn in regards to booking psychic telephone readings or to reach my office for general inquiries if that is your preferred form of communication.  The new book is still many years away from release, but this change will make that future promotion even more fruitful and accessible.”

New Life Old Soul: A Tristan Rimbaud Company

Poem | Vibrations

Poem Vibrations Tristan Rimbaud


My screams do not resonate.

Their disruptions are blocked by the mountains before me.

I am on foot wearing brand new shoes.

My depression will not break me.

I have been broken on the floor desperate for agility and stability, for which both have alluded me.

My screams of disapproval bounce off the landscape and echo beyond.

If I was born to burn then why am I not lit?

I am at present dissolute to the reality of my purposes.

If the flame is life and I am ash, can I not recover by igniting the path?

Will the mountains subside if I rise?

If I begin with brand new shoes, can I climb the mountain to enjoy the view?

My faith is real, as am I.

The view is magnificent even with closed eyes.

I can see the future beyond the mountains.

My life will recover, I just have to let it happen.

Poem by Tristan Rimbaud

Copyright © 2017 New Life Old Soul™: A Tristan Rimbaud Company

Poem – Racist Candles (I.S.O.P. Award Winner)

Racist Candles

Slowness in me,

Because you became the need.

Your eternal flame physically dead,

I can still feel your presence with its etched resurgence.

Of your flame that burns still within me.

Hold on, let go.

Become one, cold as the snow.

Your message shall never die.

Even through one such as me,

Meek; yet sturdy as the tree that held the roots of life.

Spilled from heaven,

Burning from hell.

My life covers all.

I love you, I hate them.

The battling grounds continue to weigh me down!

No matter what, you shall live with ticking clocks.

As I hold you in the scented candle,

On my mantle,

Within my soul full of coal to keep it alive.


Poem by: Tristan Rimbaud

1998 International Society of Poets Washington D.C. Convention

Young Poet of the Year Award

© 1998-2015 New Life Old Soul™

Poem – Bound

Through Psychic Eyes book cover



Your self-powered confusion brought upon your eager selfish side.

No need for disagreement, for rightful deeds be done.

Accept your self-disabled side,

For what you see around you isn’t truth.

Your pathway is blocked by boundaries such as you.

Read this poem and more in Through Psychic Eyes by Tristan Rimbaud available in paperback and digital editions.

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© 2005-2014 New Life Old Soul™

Poem – Me, Myself, and I

Me, Myself, and I

Me, one day went to a grave that beheld an awful sight!
For myself was buried within its rubble,
With glaringly sick delight.
Off to the side, leaning against a tree,
I watched as myself began to scream.
“What is this, pitiful pleasure?”
I said to me.
“Is your joy, your pain?
Are your needs his pleads?”
Thinking about myself,
I quickly disappeared.
Now it was me that was left standing by the tree.

Read this poem and more in Through Psychic Eyes by Tristan Rimbaud available in paperback and digital editions.

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© 1998-2013 New Life Old Soul™ and Christian Hirstein