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New Life Old Soul is pleased to announce the release of psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud’s 7th video for his official YouTube channel discussing the spiritual lessons to be learned from the COVID-19 pandemic on Easter 2020.  Watch this inspirational new video on his official YouTube channel by clicking here.

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Poem | Vibrations

Poem Vibrations Tristan Rimbaud


My screams do not resonate.

Their disruptions are blocked by the mountains before me.

I am on foot wearing brand new shoes.

My depression will not break me.

I have been broken on the floor desperate for agility and stability, for which both have alluded me.

My screams of disapproval bounce off the landscape and echo beyond.

If I was born to burn then why am I not lit?

I am at present dissolute to the reality of my purposes.

If the flame is life and I am ash, can I not recover by igniting the path?

Will the mountains subside if I rise?

If I begin with brand new shoes, can I climb the mountain to enjoy the view?

My faith is real, as am I.

The view is magnificent even with closed eyes.

I can see the future beyond the mountains.

My life will recover, I just have to let it happen.

Poem by Tristan Rimbaud

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Article – Intuitive Driving Lessons: A working Mom’s guide to navigating kids, clients, and life

New Life Old Soul™ is pleased to announce the release of psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud’s new article for working mother’s written exclusively for his official website.  Comment, like, and share this article today!

Intuitive Driving Lessons: A working Mom’s guide to navigating kids, clients, and life

Written by: Tristan Rimbaud

In this modern era of “too much isn’t enough”, life for a work at home Mom can be tedious at best. A juggling act of kids, clients, and life. The process of successfully navigating the sphere of life is simply to try harder, it would seem. To be able to navigate without concise directions seems wary to a struggling Mom with kids to feed and bills to pay. Thus the great battle between heart and solidity begins. Often times, women find it difficult to be intuitive in their lives in a natural way because the process seems long and arduous and another “to do” on a list that seemingly never ends. “Is soccer practice today or tomorrow for the kids?” “Did I pay the rent this month or is it past due?” “Have I even gone to the bathroom today?” The busy working Mom mind is constantly progressing forward in a constant stream of lateral gain. In this busy movement it can become difficult to always trust your instincts or even to understand what that is, herein lies the problem facing most modern Mom’s. The ability to listen to your intuition about basic decisions and your general life direction can greatly improve and calm the life of the modern working Mom.

The ability to be intuitive is innate in the human spirit. It is not some gypsy witch apparition available only to those who have meditated for a millennial. It is a natural daily process that can literally make being a working Mom easier. The basics of developing your intuition simply lay in allowing yourself to get away from the list in your mind and attune otherwise. Your spirit is constantly speaking, the question is whether you can hear it over the “to do” list. I have found in my work and research as a psychic medium that it is simply about wanting to tune in. Once you have established that you want to be guided and less stressed, literally you can be. The main step is to become aware of your daily thinking processes; to understand your mind. As you practice each day just watching what you think as you think it, observing your thoughts, you will, in that application, become more adept to intuitive awareness. The heart knows what the heart wants. You just have to make wanting to be guided apart of that “to do” list. Once that has seen the light of day you will start to become open to your intuition. That inner voice that helps; not harms.

Over time you will notice that you have two voices in your head. Your mind and its forward thinking way of handling things, and your spirit which is more opted to a slower approach with less ability and more divining. Practice by asking yourself, “What does my mind think of this situation or event?”. Then practice asking yourself, “What does my spirit have to say about this action?”. This will give you the guiding post to move into a new intuitive mind that will never cause clutter or concern and only ever light and prosperity. As you move forward in your new positive thinking lifetime; remember that this is the beginning of a whole new direction in your life that will succeed your expectations!

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