Tristan’s 2008 Psychic Predictions

On 02-08-08, Tristan Rimbaud releases his annual highly anticipated predictions for 2008 exclusively on his official website (  His predictions for this year cover several topical categories including: Politics, Health, & Technology.

Year 2008 (released 02-08-08)


1. The bird flu epidemic will once again spread through Asia in 2008 & there is also danger of the epidemic spreading into eastern Europe during the summer season.


1. Between 2008 & 2010, Sony’s Blu-ray disc™ technology will win the “DVD race” over the Toshiba HD DVD format. Sony’s Blu-ray disc™ technology already shows a broader range of capacity for market value. As such, Toshiba will convert their attention & market shares over to more lucrative technological advances within the mass media market. The “DVD race” as it were is based on sales numbers and nothing more. However, between 2008 & 2015, a new technology boom beyond DVD formats will surface & eventually replace DVD formats altogether.


1. The 2008 presidential election will be a close race with discrepancies in the nomination ballots process. The energy is strong in a successful continuing political career with Hilary Rodham Clinton, Mike Huckabee, & Rudy Giuiliani. Democrat Hilary Rodham Clinton will become the next president of the United States of America.