Article – Intuitive Driving Lessons: A working Mom’s guide to navigating kids, clients, and life

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Intuitive Driving Lessons: A working Mom’s guide to navigating kids, clients, and life

Written by: Tristan Rimbaud

In this modern era of “too much isn’t enough”, life for a work at home Mom can be tedious at best. A juggling act of kids, clients, and life. The process of successfully navigating the sphere of life is simply to try harder, it would seem. To be able to navigate without concise directions seems wary to a struggling Mom with kids to feed and bills to pay. Thus the great battle between heart and solidity begins. Often times, women find it difficult to be intuitive in their lives in a natural way because the process seems long and arduous and another “to do” on a list that seemingly never ends. “Is soccer practice today or tomorrow for the kids?” “Did I pay the rent this month or is it past due?” “Have I even gone to the bathroom today?” The busy working Mom mind is constantly progressing forward in a constant stream of lateral gain. In this busy movement it can become difficult to always trust your instincts or even to understand what that is, herein lies the problem facing most modern Mom’s. The ability to listen to your intuition about basic decisions and your general life direction can greatly improve and calm the life of the modern working Mom.

The ability to be intuitive is innate in the human spirit. It is not some gypsy witch apparition available only to those who have meditated for a millennial. It is a natural daily process that can literally make being a working Mom easier. The basics of developing your intuition simply lay in allowing yourself to get away from the list in your mind and attune otherwise. Your spirit is constantly speaking, the question is whether you can hear it over the “to do” list. I have found in my work and research as a psychic medium that it is simply about wanting to tune in. Once you have established that you want to be guided and less stressed, literally you can be. The main step is to become aware of your daily thinking processes; to understand your mind. As you practice each day just watching what you think as you think it, observing your thoughts, you will, in that application, become more adept to intuitive awareness. The heart knows what the heart wants. You just have to make wanting to be guided apart of that “to do” list. Once that has seen the light of day you will start to become open to your intuition. That inner voice that helps; not harms.

Over time you will notice that you have two voices in your head. Your mind and its forward thinking way of handling things, and your spirit which is more opted to a slower approach with less ability and more divining. Practice by asking yourself, “What does my mind think of this situation or event?”. Then practice asking yourself, “What does my spirit have to say about this action?”. This will give you the guiding post to move into a new intuitive mind that will never cause clutter or concern and only ever light and prosperity. As you move forward in your new positive thinking lifetime; remember that this is the beginning of a whole new direction in your life that will succeed your expectations!

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Inside: Secret America – National Geographic Channel

Internationally recognized psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud will appear on the “Ghosts” episode of Inside: Secret America on National Geographic Channel on Thursday February 4, 2016 at 3:00 pm EST.  Tristan conducted a haunting investigation in Kentucky with undercover journalists Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster.  The episode is available now on Netflix and can be purchased on Microsoft Movies & TV and YouTube.  The first season of the series is available on DVD in the online store of National Geographic Channel.

From the desk of Tristan Rimbaud:

“I filmed a haunting investigation for Inside: Secret America completely unaware of the ulterior motives of the people who asked me to be involved.  To set up the circumstance, I was asked to do a haunting investigation of a supposedly haunted property in Kentucky to be filmed for National Geographic Channel.  When you’re asked to work for such a large cable channel you really don’t feel that you need to be suspicious or to tune in due to deceit.  A long story short, the couple who “owned” the home were undercover journalists who were renting the home and had never lived there.  They quite literally set me up because they didn’t believe in psychics.  I go into my work with the attitude of helping the people I encounter.  I didn’t know they were setting me up because I didn’t tune in to the couple during the investigation.  I tuned in to the property for the investigation and I stand behind everything I said about the spiritual history of that location.  I have found that it is quite common for one person to notice nothing on a haunted property and for another to be uncomfortable the first minute of being in a place with negative energy.  The two journalists had never lived on that property and even admitted in the episode that their setup was flawed; that they couldn’t disprove what I was tuning in to.  I firmly find undercover journalism to be immoral.  I find it hypocritical for skeptics to say that psychics are immoral as (in this case) they are staging a television segment based on lies just to get a story.  To lie is immoral.  Despite the circumstances, no one can take away the fact that I was featured on National Geographic Channel.  All publicity is good publicity.  Over the course of the first fifteen years of my career, I made it a point to be extremely open to skeptics and had even been quoted as far back as 2003 that I felt it was apart of my responsibility as a working psychic medium to prove that I wasn’t another charlatan.  No matter what you do as a professional psychic, you will always have to deal with skepticism from people who don’t believe in psychic abilities.  What I have learned in fifteen years is that a skeptic is not trying to change their mind about psychic abilities; they are trying to change yours.  Because they are solely speaking and not listening, the conversation will never be fruitful.  As such, I plan to focus the next fifteen years on growing my work instead of attempting to change beliefs.  One should pursue those alike; not the indifferent of the world.”

Tristan Rimbaud

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2016 Psychic Predictions

We are pleased to announce the release of internationally known psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud’s 2016 psychic predictions. Tristan prophesied the future for celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom.  He also tuned in to the presidential election among other psychic predictions.

2016 Psychic Predictions

  1. The city of Grand Junction, CO will experience a rather heavy snowstorm in the first quarter of 2016 with several reported injuries and loss of shelter.
  2. As originally predicted in 2008, Democrat Hillary Clinton will become president of the United States.
  3. Justin Bieber pursues acting in 2016 with a role in a musical film or music-related film.
  4. Orlando Bloom is involved in an accident in the United States but is unharmed in 2016.
  5. The United States real estate market will experience a decline and a bad fiscal year for 2016 in the western region of the country. More specifically, California, Nevada, Washington, and Arizona.
  6. Up-and-coming pop artist Alex Angelo will see positive career growth in 2016 with a record label deal that starts his career in the proper direction for him.
  7. Country music artist Clare Dunn will have a baby with a fellow musician in 2017. She is also destined for a career change into designing for women’s apparel; possibly with her own boutique in the state of Colorado.

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Psychic Phone Readings – New Payment Options!

New Life Old Soul™ is pleased to announce new payment options for booking 30 minute or 60 minute psychic phone readings with internationally known psychic medium, Tristan Rimbaud.  Effective November 1, 2015, you can now pay for an appointment in multiple ways:

  1. Pay for your psychic phone reading the day of the appointment during the phone reading with any major credit card or debit checking card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).
  2. Send a check for payment in the mail (by special request only).  Your check must be received before your appointment date to keep your appointment.
  3. Pay online with any major credit card or checking debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).  You would receive an e-mail invoice with simple payment instructions when booking your psychic reading.

Each of these options allows flexibility and comfort when paying for a psychic phone reading with Tristan.  This is just one way New Life Old Soul™ is dedicated to faster, more reliable services within the New Age community.  Tristan’s official website has already been updated with these new payment options.

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July 8, 2015 – Spaced Out Radio

Internationally recognized psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud is scheduled to make his first radio appearance in more than two years on Spaced Out Radio. Tristan will discuss intuition and read for callers live!


Spaced Out Radio

Wednesday July 8, 2015

10:00 pm to 12:00 am PST (Pacific time)

Topic: Intuition

You can listen live for free online by clicking here.

You can also view the event listing for the guest expert appearance on the official Spaced Out Radio Facebook page.

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May 13 – Indianapolis Live Event @ Book Mamas

For the first time ever, psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud will host a live book discussion with free in-person psychic readings for select patrons from his memoir, Through Psychic Eyes on Wednesday May 13, 2015 from 6:30 pm ET to 7:30 pm ET in Indianapolis, IN at Book Mamas bookstore. This is Tristan’s first live event in Indianapolis in more than 10 years!

Tristan will discuss simple ways to understand spirit communication.  Due to high demand, Tristan will only be able to tune in to one question or subject per person.  Due to time constraint, not everyone will get a psychic reading.


Book Mamas bookstore

Wednesday May 13, 2015

6:30 pm to 7:30 pm ET (Eastern time)

Address: 9 South Johnson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46219

You can also view event details on the website for the Indianapolis Star newspaper:

Through Psychic Eyes is available wherever e-books are sold.

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Super Bowl XLIX Psychic Prediction – The Huffington Post

For the first time ever, famous psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud has predicted the winner and final score of Super Bowl XLIX exclusively for the Pulitzer Prize award winning digital newspaper, The Huffington Post.  Tristan represented the state of Kentucky in this unique article covering psychic predictions of the Super Bowl from 25 psychics across the United States of America.  The Huffington Post website is one of the most viewed political websites in the world.

Click here to read Tristan’s Super Bowl prediction(s).

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Tristan’s 2009 Psychic Predictions

On 02-27-09, Tristan Rimbaud releases his annual predictions for 2009 exclusively on his official website  Predictions for this year cover the topical categories Celebrity & Weather.

Year 2009 (released 02-27-09)


1. Britney Spears 2009 concert tour (The Circus starring Britney Spears) will suffer from lighting technical problems during the tour and canceled dates due to a sickness or injury that Britney will experience during the early summer section of the tour, possibly in June.


1. North America will suffer from some sort of unexpected volcanic eruption in 2009.  This vision came across with an image of ash falling from the sky in the state of California.  However, I feel that this vision may not be California specifically, so I am predicting this eruption somewhere in North America with an emphasis on the western regions such as western America, western Mexico, western Canada, etc.

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