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“If you have ever considered seeing a psychic, even just for fun, Tristan is the real deal.  A couple of years ago I went to see him at a fair in Nashville and was pretty blown away.  I purchased this book after the reading. If you are concerned that a psychic would ever judge you for anything he reveals at a reading, you can be sure that Tristan doesn’t. In this book, he is open and honest about the struggles he has gone through to be where he is. It is through overcoming those challenges that he can connect with people much better than most people his age, psychic or not.”

The Intuitive Parent – Reviewer – Nashville, TN

“Tristan Rimbaud is a wonderfully gifted individual. His gifts go far beyond his psychic abilities as this book clearly shows. He has opened his life for the inspection of others to help those in need realize that we all have obstacles to overcome and often times our first attempts fail.  Through self acceptance only can we come to terms with our surroundings. By sharing his difficult journey with readers he has provided a ray of hope for others who struggle to find the way to inner peace and understanding. He has combined his story with basic insight that is usable on a daily basis for all of us who seek to better understand our own psychic “hunches” and abilities. I strongly recommend this title as a quick read and wonderful “pick-me-up” no matter what the current state of your life.”

Devin Storm – Reviewer – Western New York

“We found Tristan Rimbaud’s “Through Psychic Eyes” an excellent read. We, as well as many of our listeners, found this book inspiring and many of listeners with the same types of psychic gifts could relate to the trials and journeys Tristan has endured in his life. We have had him as a guest on our show on more than one occasion and we have found that he is truly what he claims to be – a very gifted psychic.”

Stephen B. Wren – H.V.R.N. Corporation

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“Tristan is the REAL DEAL! He had me in tears it was so accurate.” Amanda C. from Twitter  

Amanda C. from Twitter

“You probably get so many e-mails that you may not read this yourself, but I just had to let you know what happened after my reading.  You had given me a female with an “A” name, and the month’s of June and December.  My grandmother had been my “ambassador” during the reading, and her sister… Read More

Tracy R. in Fort Wayne, IN

“Your call to me could not have come at a better time.  Many thanks.” Donna P. in Morgantown, WV  

Donna P. in Morgantown, WV

“I caught the first few minutes of your interview on Trip-N-Tyme Morning Show, and was very impressed.  Apparently, you really freaked out Trip (the host).” Joel C. in Fort Wayne, IN  

Joel C. in Fort Wayne, IN car stereo

“I recently met you at the Village Anchor live event.  I was very impressed with what you told me in those short five minutes we had.” Karen S. in Louisville, KY

Karen S. in Louisville, KY

“Wow, I’m speechless. You were the first guest in six years of morning radio that brought tears to my eyes. I can’t believe how dead on, pardon the pun, you were. We can’t wait to have you on again.” Stacy Sturm in Bismarck, ND Radio Producer/Host Brady & Stacy in the Morning

Stacy Sturm in Bismarck, ND

“I would recommend Tristan Rimbaud.  He was amazing, spot on, had me in tears!  He has reasonable prices but appointments can take a bit.  However, he is totally worth the wait and money.” Natalie A. from Facebook  

Natalie A. from Facebook

“You did a reading for me over the phone more than fifteen years ago.  Everything you told me was going to happen has come true – especially the things I didn’t believe at the time.  A lot has transpired over these many years and your insight to my guardian angels has proven true time and… Read More

Todd C. in Tulsa, OK