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New Life Old Soul is pleased to announce the release of internationally known psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud’s return to annual psychic predictions after a one-year hiatus with his 2020 psychic predictions.  Upon the release of his 2018 psychic predictions, Tristan decided to take a potentially indefinite break from releasing future psychic predictions in favor of revisiting past predictions from his considerable archive in subsequent posts.  After a renewed interest in prophesying, Tristan decided to release his forecast for 2020.  However, his original plan of revisiting past psychic predictions periodically instead of releasing new predictions will be his normal procedure per year starting in 2021.

2020 Psychic Predictions

Posted on January 31, 2020

NFL Super Bowl LIV

The Kansas City Chiefs will win Super Bowl LIV over the San Francisco 49ers.


Famed actor Sir Ian McKellen and writer Stephen King will form a friendship and potentially work together.  I also see actor Sir Patrick Stewart possibly working with Sir Ian McKellen again.  This vision involved the three of them together.  The movie will be set in the Victorian era.

Nicki Minaj and her husband will get divorced, possibly citing irreconcilable differences.  He will change over the course of the marriage and become volatile and reckless in his behavior.  He will either cheat or tamper with something that Nicki calls him out on.  Specifically, I saw some sort of issue with vindictively tampering with electronic media; possibly Nicki’s social media accounts.  Nicki will be heartbroken over the separation as she asks for the divorce.  During her first live performance soon after the separation, she will become quite emotional and cry on stage followed by a live performance of a song by another artist for the first time.

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  1. I am a die hard Chiefs fan. Are they going to win the Super Bowl against Tampa Buccaneers at 2021 feb7 Super Bowl?

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