From the desk of Tristan Rimbaud:

“For much of 2018, I have been in and out of the office due to sickness.  In December 2017, we moved my office to a new, smaller location in Louisville, KY.  During the move, my right leg started hurting quite badly.  I went to the doctor just after Christmas and discovered that I had a cyst growth on my upper thigh muscle.  The physical move had stretched my leg out and caused the cyst to get irritated.  I was sent to two different hospitals and to two different specialists.  They determined it would not be necessary to surgically remove the cyst in favor of it potentially, eventually dissolving on its own.  During the move, I also developed a sinus infection.  Shortly after the hospital testing on my leg, I developed an aggressive staph infection.  It was extremely traumatizing to go through.  It took almost a month to heal.  Once healed, my skin was so irritated, I broke out in a contact dermatitis rash and had to be put on steroids.

The move into the new office space was the worst move of my adult life.  I was lied to about the new location after having reserved the space without being able to see it as contractors were working on it.  When I moved in, everything that could break or malfunction did; including the furnace in the middle of winter.  There were cockroaches, spiders, extremely noisy neighbors above, a bathroom that flooded, and beyond.  I made the decision to break the lease five months in and I moved again to a perfect location in April 2018.  I had to pack everything back up and move it all twice in six months.  As soon as I finished moving into the new space, I developed one of the worst sinus infections I’ve ever had.  It included a bad cough and almost losing my voice for close to a month.  Needless to say, all of this has caused chaos with my work schedule, my sense of self, and my mental stability.  I am resilient and believe that God always has a plan greater and beyond my own sight.  I am getting my life back to normal and am back in the office on a regular basis starting with/on Memorial Day 2018.

I will get back to and book each of the clients who have requested appointments and have not received them as of yet quite quickly.  In the future, if I have to be out of the office for an extended time, we will post a pinned tweet on my official Twitter page stating so until I am back in the office to book psychic telephone readings.  Click here to visit my official Twitter page.  If you haven’t already, please follow me on Twitter for the latest updates.

Once I am back, we will delete said pinned tweet as to not facilitate confusion.  I am just as dedicated to my work and research in spirit communication as a psychic medium today as I was close to seventeen years ago when I started my psychic services and products company, New Life Old Soul.  I have new projects in the works, live streams, radio appearances, live events, and more for 2018 and beyond.  Please keep me in your prayers and I will see each of you soon!”

Tristan Rimbaud

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