On 06-12-12, internationally recognized psychic medium Tristan Rimbaud revealed his annual predictions for 2012 live on The Woman Power Hour Radio Show, an Internet radio program on URL Radio.  Tristan’s 2012 predictions are now available to the public in this news announcement.

His 2012 psychic predictions cover the categories of technology, politics, the economy, and the Mayan nation.

2012 psychic predictions

The e-bike is a new format that will quickly take off in the northern regions of Africa.  The e-bike is a new devise designed to allow the user freedom in cycling allowing the user to go at a pace in which they are most comfortable.  The devise will take off around 2013 in the northern regions of Africa and spread from there worldwide.  The new format is experimental in the sense that it is new; it will become the norm by 2015.

The 57th quadrennial United States Presidential Election will feature President Barack Obama for the Democrats and Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate.  The next U.S. president will be Mitt Romney.

The Greece financial issue is solvable by the entrance of new parties in financially backing the recovery of this nation.  The U.S. is involved critically in the development of products and goods to service the nation’s growth.  This relationship is of most importance in Greece’s full recovery.

The growth of one nation is key to the development of another and this can be said truly in the changes that have happened abroad.  In the time of the Mayan empire things were different in the sense that nations were whole and non-connected as it were to each others’ own individual growth.  The nation of Maya is unique in the sense that they discovered fire in their nation that could destroy everything including those around them by manipulating the force of life.  They knew what could happen and suffered the consequences of that nation’s folly.

The U.S. economy is recovering; however there are huge gaps in the deficit plan that could utilize technology that is already existent in our lives.  The U.S. government will see this by 2016 and change politically to enable scientists to have more involvement in the achievements of general governmental activities and action.

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