Psychic Tristan Rimbaud’s 2005 prediction (released December 2004) pertaining to the development of a diabetes insulin inhaler has come to pass with incredible accuracy!

Tristan’s prediction read:

“The FDA will approve a national insulin inhaler for those suffering from diabetes sometime around 2008.  It will not be approved for human testing during its first trial round.  The inhaler will begin full human testing by late 2008 or early 2009.  The device will be commonly used by most diabetics by 2015.  The inhaler would deliver insulin directly to the lungs controlling blood sugar levels without the constant need for needles.  However, I do feel the device will increase the chance for heart attacks in certain users.  I also see a San Francisco connection.”

Although off on the timing (Tristan predicted around 2008) just as Tristan predicted, the FDA did approve an insulin inhaler in 2006 (now off the market) called Exubera.  The technology behind the inhaler was developed by Nektar Therapeutics in San Carlos, California (near San Francisco).

Tristan’s prediction seems to continue to come to pass as a new insulin inhaler called AFREZZA™ from MannKind is currently under review for possible FDA approval.

From the desk of Tristan Rimbaud:

“Tuning in to things that affect potentially millions of individuals is quite different from tuning in to one person in a psychic phone reading.  In the case of my 2005 diabetes insulin inhaler prediction, potentially hundreds if not thousands of people are involved just in the creation of an inhaler.  As such, it can be quite difficult for even an experienced psychic to tune in to something that is connected to so many with accurate time frames.  In the case of medical predictions, I’m obviously not a doctor and some of my descriptions of how the medications or technology work can be quite primitive.  I stick by the rest of my diabetes prediction in saying that I feel that a FDA approved insulin inhaler will eventually become popular and be used by most diabetics by 2015.”

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