Don’t miss Tristan’s 8th appearance on the internationally syndicated radio program, The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show (his last appearance was in 2005).  Click here for a log from that show.  Tristan will talk about psychic abilities and potentially take audience questions live.  Listeners can visit the show’s website ( and click on the “Listen To The ‘X’ Zone Live” link in the navigation menu.  The audience call-in number is (1-800-610-7035).  The show will only air live online.  A replay of the appearance will air subsequently on radio stations internationally.


The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show

580 AM CFRA Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1600 AM KOHI St. Helen’s, Oregon
Visit ( for more station listings

Tuesday July 13, 2010

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET (Eastern time)

Listen live for free at:

If you are a member of “The ‘X’ Zone Nation“, you can chat live during the show at:

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