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Originally published in the May/June 2006 issue of The Pathfinder newspaper.

Catching Stars on a Cloudy Night: How to find the positive in every negative situation

In the maddening light speed pace that an average adult keeps on a daily basis with work, family, home duties, and relationships it can become quite common for a person to overlook the bigger picture as we spend so much of our time focusing on all the small details of daily life.  We allow ourselves to get to a point where everything negative that happens to us is simply just that, a negative experience.

In the more than a decade long career I have had working as an internationally known psychic medium and author with appearances on more than seventy different radio and television shows each year across the globe, I have found that most people who let their daily stress overtake their spirituality tend to believe that God just might be taking a coffee break when bad experiences come rolling their way.  Let me be one of many teachers I’m sure will tell you this at different points in your journey back home; everything happens for a reason both good and bad.  If we wanted a perfect existence with no difficulties whatsoever, we would have stayed with God in the spirit world.  If you are on planet Earth, you are here to learn from and grow from experiences and situations both positive and negative.

You may ask yourself on a daily basis, how do I step out of my own way to see why something negative is happening to me when it happens?  So often when we are in the middle of a personal storm all we tend to see are bad skies up ahead for miles.  We want to be able to catch the stars on those cloudy nights, but we just can’t seem to find any leverage.  The answer to this predicament can be immensely effective if you choose to grab the ball and run with it.  You have to start listening to your gut.  Did you know that your instincts will never lead you down a path you aren’t supposed to be on?  That reality can prove difficult for some people to grasp because they have built a life around doubting their own decisions.  Are you one of those people?  If so, have faith in knowing that you can change your reality right here and right now.  If you are simply willing to have some faith in knowing that you can find the positive in everything then you will be able to accomplish a more spiritually rounded life.

Whenever you decide to climb a mountain you know nothing about, you always have to start at the base.  I have found that awareness and knowledge is the base of finding positive aspects in any negative situation.  For example, when I was seventeen years old I experienced a nervous breakdown from being judged so much as a kid by my peers and my family.  For several years after having recovered from the breakdown I looked back upon that experience as purely negative until I started to come into contact with clients who were either beginning or smack in the middle of a breakdown of their own.  Because I had experienced something so similar, I was able to pass along spiritual guidance that would have greatly helped me during my difficult cloudy days.  Through seeing that I could turn the experience into a positive for others, I began the long process of healing my own old wounds and misconceptions.

Just over nine years later after having prayed daily for guidance in continuing to heal my own wounds I was asked to speak to a group of around forty high school students on the verge of graduating at a school in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I spent two hours teaching those amazing young adults about the importance of our inner voice and understanding how to hear it through their intuition and the development of psychic abilities.  I was so scared to once again be in front of kids who looked much like those who picked on me so much at that age, that I had to force myself to bury my fear to be able to step in that classroom with pride.  I walked out a changed man.  The students were polite, interested, and absolutely non-judgmental.  Because I made the decision in my life to always try to find the positive in any seemingly bad scenario, I didn’t allow myself to pass up an opportunity to continue to heal.  I’m going to give you some homework as I did with the students in Ohio.

Take time for your own spirituality.

Make it a habit to pray before bed each night to manifest your own positive flow to and from those you love.  Don’t be afraid to pray for yourself.  Charity starts at home.  Be open to the Universes response.  Keep a dream journal by your bed and each morning before you get up for the day, track your dreams and write them down even if they don’t make sense.  Through these exercises you will show your spirit guides and angels that you are making efforts to advance your inner voice.

Lastly, when you come across a negative experience in your life, don’t expect yourself to instantly pull back and see it from every angle as that is unrealistic.  But, when the dust is settled, schedule a time to sit down and do a mediation to open your perception.  What you will find when you take time to slow down is that you are capable of seeing the positive.  You just have to conquer the Ego’s trap of living in the past while being scared about the future.  When you slow down even for five minutes once a week and live in the omnipresent you will allow your inner voice a little breathing room to clear the clouds so you can once again catch those beautiful stars.

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  1. This is lovely. I can relate to a lot of it, from my past and present. I need to trust myself more and get ready to climb one or two mountains without being able to know what’s on the top.

    Thanks for writing this.


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