On 02-27-09, Tristan Rimbaud releases his annual predictions for 2009 exclusively on his official website tristanrimbaud.com.  Predictions for this year cover the topical categories Celebrity & Weather.

Year 2009 (released 02-27-09)


1. Britney Spears 2009 concert tour (The Circus starring Britney Spears) will suffer from lighting technical problems during the tour and canceled dates due to a sickness or injury that Britney will experience during the early summer section of the tour, possibly in June.


1. North America will suffer from some sort of unexpected volcanic eruption in 2009.  This vision came across with an image of ash falling from the sky in the state of California.  However, I feel that this vision may not be California specifically, so I am predicting this eruption somewhere in North America with an emphasis on the western regions such as western America, western Mexico, western Canada, etc.

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